access 2013

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open the rounded prices query in design view. create a new column to round the retail price of each item to the nearest dollar. name the field roundedretail. create a new column to display luxury for all items that have a roundedretail value of $100 or more and everyday for items that are less than $100. name the field class. run the query. save and close the query.
open the overdue reviews query in design view. add a new column to determine if an employee’s performance review is overdue. if the employee’s dateoflastreview is null, it should display overdue. if not, it should display nothing. name the column reviewstatus. add criteria of overdue to the column you just created, so only the employees who are overdue display. run the query. ensure only employees with null dateoflastreview display. save and close the query.
open the order totals by month query in design view. change the first column so that instead of grouping by the order date, you group by the month. use the datepart function to extract the month from the date. name the column monthnumber. run the query. the first line should read 5 (as the month, representing may), with a total of $1409.17. save and close the query.
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