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financial accounting: research how the organization’s accounting staff, and/or their external accountants, apply generally accepted accounting principles in their bookkeeping process and financial statement preparation. for example, what type of cash controls are in place; how are bad debts accounted for; what inventory and depreciation methods are used; what type of financing is outstanding, and how is it accounted for; have special equity issues been encountered; are unique disclosures made in the financial statement notes, and if so, why?

option 2:

cost accounting: research who within the organization has responsibility for managing cost issues. many departments or personnel might be involved in different aspects. what cost methods are utilized? how detailed is the product costing process? what is the budgeting process? how is performance measured and evaluated? what unique cost management techniques are employed?

option 3:

application of accounting to strategic planning: research how the organization utilizes accounting information as part of the full development, implementation, and assessment of strategic policies. what accounting information and reports are used in the planning stages, and how are those reports developed? is the accounting information generated from the internal or external accounting environment? how are strategic plans integrated with cash planning and forecasting? how are capital (fixed asset) plans developed as part of the strategic process, and how are such plans integrated into the budget development process?
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