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knowing why you want to enter into the field you have chosen or advance within your current career is important. it is equally important that you have a thorough understanding of the organizations and job opportunities within your target field. research is the key to a successful job search, and it will be of great benefit to you as you target specific organizations and fields. for this task, complete the following:

part 1

create a list of 10 organizations and their web sites that fit within your target job market (1 of which can be your current organization). input them into your target organization template list. as you conduct your research, consider the potential that each organization offers.
next, choose 3 organizations to focus on, and compile detailed information about those 3 organizations in the target organization template list. (attached)
research these 3 companies and discuss the following:
the name of the organization
the mission of the organization
career options within the organization
3 aspects of the organization that align with your goals
part 2

based on what you learned on the professional networking webinar, find your 3 targeted companies on this web site, and identify a person within each company whom you could reach out to that will strengthen your network.
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