accounting ethics

Project Description:

personal ethics project

objective: to familiarize students with various ethical theories and frameworks for ethical decision making while integrating this knowledge into an individualized personal ethics tool for making ethical decisions.

• each student will develop and adopt their individualized version of a personal ethics tool (pet). this tool should integrate the concepts and ideas that the student deems necessary in terms of making ethical decisions. the tool should be able to be used by the student in the future if, and when, an ethical dilemma arises.

• the final submission should reflect the student’s integration and application of the materials studied during this course. the instructor will evaluate each submission based on:
1 creativity (40%),
2 application of knowledge (40%) and
3 presentation (20%).

• before you begin this task, you should have completed your study of chapters 1 – 5 in your textbook. this material will provide you with the appropriate background information on various schools of thought regarding approaches to business ethics and the possible frameworks for ethical decision making.

• creativity is of utmost importance in developing the tool as each student will develop a tool that best reflects their individual approach to decision making and what ethics means to them. the tool can take many different forms but is not limited to -- a written document, a poem, a song, a recipe, a work of art, a flowchart, a video, a game -- anything that is both meaningful and practical for the student.

• the tool should also represent an application of the knowledge gained by the student during the course. the student may choose to adopt a particular ethical theory, a portion of a theory, or maybe even a hybrid approach, opting to combine certain aspects of different theories in developing an individualized tool. the tool should also include a framework for making the actual decision.

• distance learning students will provide a written document (not to exceed 1 page in length) which explains the tool that they have developed and how it can be applied to an ethical dilemma.
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