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(identification of activities with particular governmental-type funds)
using only the governmental-type funds, indicate which would be used to record each of the fol-
lowing transactions and events:
gf general fund
srf special revenue fund
dsf debt service fund
cpf capital projects fund
pf permanent fund
___ 1. the city transferred cash to the fund used to accumulate resources to pay bond principal
and interest.
___ 2. the city received its share of a state sales tax that is legally required to be used to finance library operations.
___ 3. the city sent property tax bills to homeowners to help pay for day-to-day operating costs.
___ 4. the city paid for five fire engines, using resources accumulated in a fund to pay for capital assets.
___ 5. the city received a grant from the state to build an addition to the city hall.
___ 6. the city received the proceeds of general obligation bonds to finance the construction of a
new police station.
___ 7. the mayor was paid his monthly salary.
___ 8. expenditures for the operation of the police department were recorded.
___ 9. parks admissions fees, dedicated for use in day-to-day maintenance of the city park system,
were collected.
___ 10. the city paid a contractor who had completed a report on the potential for improving
police deployment as a way to reduce the crime rate.
___ 11. the city workers were paid their weekly salaries.
___ 12. the city retired some of its outstanding bonds, using money accumulated for that purpose.
___ 13. a federal grant was received to help pay for the cost of constructing the new city hall.
___ 14. the city received a donation from a taxpayer with the stipulation that it be invested and kept
in perpetuity, so that the income from the investments could be used to buy library books.
___ 15. the city received income from the investments made in the previous activity.
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