accounting ii project

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pick any publicly traded company that their financials are published on the sec website. that site is as follows:

1. down-load their 10-k (annual report) and print the applicable pages for the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. there should be about 4-7 pages from each year. these printed pages will be part of the final report to submit. if you can find the financial statements (complete) on their website, that is sufficient. what is not acceptable is to print the rations found on yahoo finance or any other similar website and submitting those

2. calculate the ratios on the worksheet provided. calculate all that are applicable. (some may not be applicable. if the company does not have accounts receivables, the ratios for accounts receivable would not be applicable)

3. write a one page summary indication any trends that are obvious from these ratios, giving the importance of the ratio.

you must choose a company with financial statements available less that 15 months old. you may not choose a bank. your company should have either substantial inventories or accounts receivable
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