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john ozment, director of special projects and analysis for ozment’s corporation, is responsible for preparing corporate financial analyses and monthly statements, and for reviewing and presenting the financial impacts of proposed strategies to upper management. data for such financial analyses are obtained from operations and financial databases through direct queries of ozment’s department staff.
reports and charts for presentations are then prepared by hand and typed. multiple copies are prepared and distributed to various users. the pressure on ozment’s group has intensified as demand for more and more current information increases. a solution to this reporting problem must be found.
the systems department wants to develop a proprietary software package to produce the reports automatically. the project would require the company to make a considerable programming investment. ozment is concerned about the accuracy, completeness, and currency of data in automatically produced reports. he has heard about a reporting system called xbrl and wonders whether a new system based on this technology would not be more effective and reliable.

a. research the current state of xbrl and determine if this technology is appropriate for internal reporting projects such as this.
b. identify the enhancements to current information and reporting that the company could realize by using xbrl.
c. discuss any data integrity, internal control, and reporting concerns associated with xbrl.

question 16

2. financial reporting process
the following contains the various steps of the financial reporting process.
place these steps in the proper order, and indicate whether each step is a function of the tps, gls, or frs.
• record transaction in special journal
• make adjusting entries
• capture the transaction
• prepare the post-closing trial balance
• prepare the adjusted trial balance
• prepare the financial statements
• journalize and post the adjusting entries
• post to the subsidiary ledger
• post to the general ledger
• journalize and post the closing entries
• prepare the unadjusted trial balance
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