accounting information systems

Project Description:

requirement 1 you are require to describe and flowchart either the sales or purchasing process at your organization (or one of your choice).
begin with an introduction to your organization. identify the type of organization (i.e., manufacturing or service). detail briefly the products or services offered by your organization and the market niche and/or general clientele targeted/serviced.
choose to document either the sales or purchasing process.
create a figure of the objectives, inputs, and outputs associated with processing the business transactions for the process selected.
as an appendix, develop a system flowchart of either the sales or purchasing process. make sure to follow the guidelines for drawing system flowcharts.
conclude with a description of the business process in narrative form, explaining the objectives, events, inputs, and outputs. make sure to reference key points in the system flowchart.
requirement 2
a. continue/start with the solution turned in for requirement 1. review each stage of the process and identify where an internal control should exist. then, determine if a control actually does exist. extend your document by creating a new section at the end that explains the nature of the internal controls currently working and that identifies controls that should be put in place. as this exercise involves a single business process, include only manual (i.e., human) and application-level it (i.e., system) controls. use the guidelines below for your documentation and make sure to reference your system flowchart.
documentation guidelines of existing controls:
identify the risk the control mitigates.
detail if the control is manual or an application-level control.
if manual, identify the person(s) involved and explain what they do.
if an application control, classify the control as an input, processing, or output control and explain how the control works.
documentation guidelines of missing controls:
identify the risk not covered by existing controls.
propose an internal control that would mitigate the risk. make sure to include the same information from the guidelines for existing controls documentation.
b. discuss general it controls with a member of the organization you chose who is knowledgeable in this area. identify and document five general it controls important to the organization.
documentation guidelines of existing general it controls:
identify the risk the control mitigates.
classify the control as one of the five types listed within your textbook: 1) personnel policies, 2) file security controls, 3) business continuity planning, 4) computer facility controls, or 5) access to computer file.
explain how the control works.
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