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voyager electronic services has three customers in its accounts receivable subsidiary ledger with the following detail:
fred yao ming – beginning balance $1,150.00
kohl townson – beginning balance $850.00
chandra jahi – beginning balance $1,075.00
accounts receivable controlling account balance $3,075.00

journalize then post the following five transactions to the general journal. then post the journal entries to the accounts receivable subsidiary ledger. update the balance of the accounts receivable controlling account balance.

on june 3rd, kohl townson pays $325.00 on account.
on june 10th, chandra jahi purchases $475.00 on account.
on june 15th, fred yao ming pays $395.00 on account.
on june 16th, fred yao ming purchases $685.00 on account.
on june 23rd, kohl townson purchases $155.00 on account.
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