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p20-1c weinrich manufacturing uses a job order cost system and applies overhead to pro-
duction on the basis of direct labor hours. on january 1, 2008, job no. 25 was the only job in
process.the costs incurred prior to january 1 on this job were as follows: direct materials $10,000;
direct labor $6,000; and manufacturing overhead $9,000. job no. 23 had been completed at a cost
of $42,000 and was part of finished goods inventory. there was a $5,000 balance in the raw
materials inventory account.
during the month of january, the company began production on jobs 26 and 27, and com-
pleted jobs 25 and 26. jobs 23 and 25 were sold on account during the month for $63,000 and
$74,000, respectively. the following additional events occurred during the month.
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