adding interactivity and a framework to sparkling cleaning

Project Description:

make the following changes to your website:
1. replace “project name” from the navigation bar with the name of the company being used for your final project.
2. create a new about.html page.
a) save this page at the same level as your index.html page.
b) include the navigation bar from your index.html page on the new about.html page.
3. update the navigation bar on the index.html page to point to the about.html page when the “about” item is selected.
4. update the navigation bar on the about.html page such that the “about” item is active, and so that the “home” item links to the index.html page.
5. move the company description from the index.html page to the about.html page.
6. create a new contact.html page.
a) include the navigation bar on the contact.html page, and make updates to all navigation bars so that the links point to the appropriate pages and
that the correct item is active when on the associated page.
b) move the form created in milestone two from the index.html page to the contact.html page and expand/change it to include the following fields:
i. name
ii. address
iii. city
iv. state
v. zip code
vi. message (this field should be longer than the others and allow users to type a short message.)
c) add a button that when clicked by the user, calls a javascript function. the javascript function should simply display an alert window that says
i. the javascript function should be defined in a new javascript file, which should be placed inside the js folder. a reference to this file will
then need to be added to the index.html file using the script tag. (
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