adjusted trial balance

Project Description:

task 1: enter the necessary journal entries into the template provided and provide the
journal entry for each.
december interest on a bank loan is due on january 2nd of the following year:
accrue $1,000.
a contractor (outside services) has finished work on december 31st, but the
invoice will not be received until january 7th of the following year: accrue $750.
a rent payment was made on december 1st for three months from december
1st to february 28th of the following year (6,000 in total). record the transaction
the company’s part-time employees worked a total of 50 hours in december,
but will get paid only by january 5th. the hourly rate is $15.
the company must record the payment of its annual insurance premium for next
year. the annual premium is $1,200, an adjustment is necessary to prepaid
task 2: provide the adjusted trial balance (combine exercises 2.1 and 2.2 to show the
adjusted trial balance).
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