administrative law & regulation/international legal issues in business

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1. describe the powers and functions of agencies, including rule making, enforcement, and adjudication.
2. describe the history, structure and current status of the european union.
3. why do you think the osha law passed by congress contained a provision allowing the osha compliance officers to inspect without a warrant? does the barlow case make that purpose impossible to achieve?
4. city health inspectors generally are allowed to do surprise inspections of restaurants in their jurisdiction. under what authority is this done? is it legal?
5. do you think that government agency inspectors should have to meet the same "probable cause" requirements that the police do, in order to get a warrant? why or why not?

the course is "legal environment of business", 5th ed., please submit only original work. do not plagiarize. one paragraph per question is sufficient. this is not an mla or apa paper. i have attached the facts for questions 3, 4 & 5. i will attach the chapters that apply to questions 1 & 2 later today.
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