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on prior tax returns, he has deducted his mileage round-trip between phoenix and houma as a non reimbursed business expense.
diane does not receive a w-2 or a form 1099-miscellaneous for the weekly cash stipend of $500 received from diamond discovery, inc.( this co. is located in louisiana)
dave is vague as to if and how the stipend was handled by the decease tax preparer.
a review of prior tax returns does not reveal any information about this issue. however, dave claims that he has always deducted it.
dave has converted diamond discovery to a corporate structure on november 20 of the prior year. however, the prior year returns provided by him consisted only of dave's 1040.dave claims that diamond discovery was to establish as an s-corp. with him as 100% owner. no records from the decease tax preparer files show this was filed.
w-2 from ooss has the following:
box 1 $125.000
federal income withheld box 2: $21,300
social security box 3 $106,800
medicare box 5: $125,000
all social security and medicare taxes were withheld:
arizona income, $125,000
arizona withholding, $5,250
this company is located in arizona.
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