aetna financial statements

Project Description:

task 1.

must examine financial statements and notes for aetna. write a paper between 5 and 7 pages doubled space discussing the following:
1. introduction.
2.generally accepted accounting principles (gaap) and description of the accounting principles: cost, revenue recognition, and matching.
3. selected company's application of gaap in cost recording, revenue recognition, and matching of expenses and revenues.
4.description of recent accounting standards and pronouncements that affect aetna's financial statements.(if any)
5.description of assertions of internal controls in the notes to the financial statements.
6. conclusion.

use the fasb codification in the essay about the principles because it is the authoritative guidance for gaap. login information is provided under suggested resources & supplies. use credible sources. the project must be a apa 6 format and include title page and a reference page. please do this task in word.

task 2.
also, i have attached task that goes with this project the instructions is listed on the attached document please do this particular task in excel.

note: project must be completed by this sunday march 1, 2015.
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