african american literary analysis

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the short stories i've decided on are "raisin in the sun", harlem renaissance and the souls of black folk: “the forethought, chapters i and xiii. your task is to compose a comparison and/or contrast essay on 2-3 poems, short stories, plays or essays that you read this semester. you are to select a theme to focus on in your discussion of the works that you select. some suggestions are the power of literacy; overt and covert rebellion; the pursuit of freedom; the call for unity; the promotion of black nationalism, etc. there are many avenues you could pursue. use the essay to analyze that theme. again, you are to structure your essay via the comparison/contrast rhetorical mode, a writing strategy that you learned in engl 111. if you do not remember how this is done, i suggest that you do some quick research on it.
1. essay should contain 3 to 4 pages and 750 to 1000 words.
2. essay must reflect the following mla format:
§ double spaced
§ one inch margins – top, bottom, left, and right
§ times new roman font, size 12
§ centered title
§ header with last name and page number .5 inches from top margin
3. you are required to use direct quotes from the text to support your arguments. however, do not pad your paper with lengthy quotations from your primary or secondary sources. you have to argue your point of view, which requires the use of evidence (quoted material from primary or secondary sources) to support your claims. your quotes should support your statements and therefore should be carefully chosen. quote placement and structure must follow mla guidelines for parenthetical citation.
4. you may use up to three works from the norton anthology of african american literature in your discussion.
5. remember to provide a developed introduction, body, and conclusion. you must have a clear thesis in your introduction. you should have no less than six (6) body paragraphs, but feel free to exceed this amount. just do not exceed four typed pages or 1000 words.
6. do not use 2nd person (“you” or “your”). use third person only.
7. underline or italicize the titles of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, pamphlets, plays, films, television programs, musical compositions, web sites, comic strips, works of visual art, choreographic works, software, and very long poems (long as in milton’s paradise lost).
8. use quotation marks around the titles of short works: newspaper articles, journal articles, magazine articles, poems, short stories, songs, chapters or subdivisions of books.
9. do not plagiarize.
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