agency, contractual elements, and ownership issues

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analyze the following scenario and answer the questions that follow:

robert is a delivery specialist. he started at a young age by delivering newspapers. later, he delivered pizzas. he has
since purchased a van and he delivers electronics for a local electronic superstore as per need basis. one day, robert
was asked to deliver a big-screen tv to a customer who purchased it from the electronics store. robert loaded the tv
into his delivery truck and started on his way toward the customer’s house. on his way, he stopped to get gas and a
drink. there were no gas stations on the way, so robert drove to one near his house. he got the gas then turned down
his own street. he wanted to stop by his house and pick up lunch there. robert’s phone sent him a signal indicating he
had a new text message from his girlfriend. he looked down to pick up his phone, and when he did, his truck struck a
parked car.

1. what creates an agent–principal relationship?
2. what creates an employer–employee relationship?
3. what creates an independent contractor–principal relationship?
4. in your analysis, was robert an agent, an employee, or independent contractor at the time of the accident and
5. what is meant by frolic and detour and was robert on a “frolic and detour” at the time of the accident? if
robert was on a frolic and detour at the time of the accident, is the superstore liable?

submission requirements:
submit your responses in a minimum of a two-paged, double-spaced microsoft word document. please
make sure you include the title page and the reference page as part of your submission.
cite sources in the apa format.
adhere to standard english grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements.
use 12-point arial font.
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