ai (java)

Project Description:

2 parts of the task
part 1
solve tic-tac-toe using alpha-beta pruning
part 2
solve n-queen problem using csp
hand in 2 java files and a readme.txt

readme.txt counts for 30 marks. you need to describe how to run your program from command line or ide, with sample input and output for each problem

please make sure you code can run with java 7 or python 2.7, at least for you sample input in readme.txt.

please also send all the files needed to run your program from command line. if you use aima repository online, make sure you send me all the related files.

for game tic-tac-toe, you need to ask who will play first, either “computer” or “human”. for the computer move, print “x move: n” first, where n stands for the position the computer put “x” in (from 0 to 8). then output the current chessboard as shown in the pdf file. for the human’s turn, you should print “o move: “, then ask for a input position (0-8). as the user press enter button, print the chessboard as specified by the pdf file. at last, print the result: “x won”, “o won”, or “draw”. you need to use alpha-beta pruning. using other searching methods shall not be regarded as a solution.
for csp n-queen, make sure you solve the problem using csp with forward checking, mrv and ac3. you input in a number n and your output should be n numbers with the meaning specified in pdf file. you don’t have to output the chessboard for this problem.

ensure meet all the requirements in the pdf
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