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enterprise architecture, while addressing business structure overall, is primarily concerned with the design of a company's information management scheme.

in this task, you will address the application of an enterprise architecture on a company and its results in gaining a focused company effort to improve the business.

1. in a word document, present a well-crafted, substantive, substantiated, three- to four-page research paper on your company (or one of your choice) that discusses the possible implementation of a complete enterprise design that focuses all departmental efforts on the overall goals of the company.
2. your paper must conform to apa style guidelines.
a.the title page should contain the title of the work, the course name, your name, instructor name, and date.
b.separate the body of the paper from the references.
c.use properly formatted in-text citations from at least two sources other than the assigned readings.
d.all references must be in fully compliant apa style and alphabetized to comprise a proper bibliography.
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