amazon vs, walmart out side us

Project Description:

what competitive advantages would amazon have over wal-mart stores in doing business outside the united states?
answer: students should consider the following in assessing amazon’s competitive advantage over wal-mart stores:
• vision & mission
• analysis (audit) – internal and external environment
• objectives – establish long term objectives; generate, evaluate and select relevant strategies to achieve these objectives
• strategies – implement; consider management issues – marketing, finance, technology,
• management - measure and evaluate performance

please use the below guidelines

the structure of the task will give you an idea how you group your knowledge in scientific research process (in very simple style). the following will be guidelines for you:
1- title
2- general information about the student: name, id, course title, name of the tutor, year and date.
3- introduction
4- brief literature review
5- criteria for contrast and comparisons as the task required.
6- case study relevant to the topic
7- conclusion
8- list of references in the alphabet order.
9- the student should refer to the references used in the task body, and should follow the principles of referencing.
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