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please answer the following essay questions. each response should be a minimum of one page . please use apa format. all responses should be based on the assigned readings.

1. define and discuss the pros and cons of restorative justice? 20 points

2.define and give examples of alternative dispute resolution. how does alternative dispute resolution aid the criminal justice system? 30 points

3. what kind of impact can plea bargaining have upon the criminal justice system? what are the implications for society? 20 points

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this is review for your essay

for chapter 12 please review the following: what is the importance of minimizing the confidentiality of juvenile court records and proceedings? do all states provide jury trials for juveniles?
(chapter 13 diversion, alternative dispute resolution, and specialty courts
(chapter 14 courts, media, and the litigation explosion)

1. what is dispute alternative resolution? often used to settle minor criminal cases, is a community- based, informal dispute settlement between offenders and their victims. usually first time, low level misdemeanor offenders. fight at a football game, charges brought. is this a good idea? how effective/ineffective can it be?

2. what is decriminalization? removing an act from the category of crime. can be shifted to courts for non criminal resolution. goal to restore or repair the damage-restorative justice.

3. what is restorative justice? all those affected by the crime should play a part in the response to it. discuss the youth and restorative justice- ask the class to give examples. discuss youth diversion programs. restitution to victims is encouraged by victims advocates.

4. what is community service? offenders perform services for the state or community. decided by the judge or parole officer. restitution can be made through offender earnings for service going to the victims.

5. what is victim-offender reconciliation? a form of conflict resolution between the offender and victim. make offenders accountable for their wrongs

chapter 14

1. what is the media? what is it comprised of? what are the characterizations of various media outlets? how do they influence us?

2. how does pretrial publicity impact a case? can make it difficult to recruit jurists who have no impression of the defendant-particular his/her guilt or innocence. in addition, prospective jurists may be influenced by the public due to the fact that they may feel pressure to render a verdict which compliments their opinions because of the way their lives will be effected.

3. what is a gag order? used to lessen the impact of pretrial publicity. media can not publish or broadcast any prejudicial information about a case. this can apply to attorneys as well and can prohibit the appearance on various media outlets.

4. what is the purpose of a change of venue? a change of venue can be ordered to reduce the impact of pretrial publicity. those who have been selected to serve on the jury in the new jurisdiction have not been exposed to the same degree of pretrial publicity. however, this is very expensive.

5. what are torts? private or civil wrongs or injuries other than breach of contract, for which the court will provide a remedy in the form of an action for damages.

6. identify reasons given for tort reform. tort reform refers to an action taken by a person or group to amend rules governing court actions in courts, which may include limiting monetary awards for prevailing in lawsuits.

arguments for tort reform include an increase in tort cases due to an increase in litigation in america; and jurors are not competent to deal with tort cases because they tend to sympathize with the plaintiff and tend to issue large rewards.

the american legal system pol 06700
final exam review sheet

please have a thorough understanding of the following information, class notes, chapters 12-14 and select portions of chapters 11 of criminal courts.

1. what is a juvenile delinquent? what are truants? what does deinstitutionalization of status offenders (dso) refer to? what is the juvenile justice and delinquency prevention act of 1974 (jjdpa)? who may appear before a juvenile court?

3. what is the importance of minimizing the confidentiality of juvenile court records and proceedings? do all states provide jury trials for juveniles?

4. what is alternative dispute resolution? what is decriminalization? what is restorative justice? what is community service? what is victim-offender reconciliation?

5. how does pretrial publicity impact a case? what is a gag order? what is the purpose of a change of venue? what are torts? identify the reasons given for tort r
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