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how does judicial plea bargaining impact the balance of power within the courtroom? can political partisanship impact judicial plea bargaining? if so, how?
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criminal courts: structure, process, and issues
(chapter 8 - pretrial procedures)

1. why is a plea bargain appealing to a defendant? plea bargaining usually results in reduced charges for criminal defendants and sometimes criminal charges can be dropped in exchange for information. charge reduction bargaining or charge bargaining- is an offer from the prosecutor to minimize the number and seriousness of charges against defendants in exchange for their pleas of guilty to lesser charges.

2. why would a prosecutor want to bargain with a criminal? although the prosecuting attorney may have an overwhelming amount of evidence there is no guarantee that the jury will render a guilty verdict and plea bargains avoid trials. prosecutors perform pivotal roles in deciding which cases should be prosecuted and which cases should be dropped. also, plea bargaining results in larger numbers of convictions.

3. do all jurisdictions use plea bargaining? no

4. plea bargaining can occur at any stage of a criminal proceeding prior to a finding of guilt. promises made by prosecutors must be fulfilled.

5. what is implicit plea bargaining? implicit plea bargaining is an understanding between defense counsel and the prosecutor that a guilty plea will be entered to a specific offense, which carries a conventional punishment.

6. what is judicial plea bargaining? this occurs when judges make offers of sentences to defendants in open court in exchange for their guilty pleas.

7. what is sentence recommendation bargaining? sentence recommendation bargaining occurs when the prosecutor proposes a specific sentence in exchange for the defendant’s guilty plea.

8. the role of judges in plea bargaining-plea bargaining may signify a loss of judicial control of courtrooms, however judicial privilege means that judges may accept or reject one or more plea bargain agreement terms and substitute more or less punitive sentences.
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