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anyone interested in doing this task for me? complete all parts of this task in order:
1. go to the house of representatives page ( ) and enter your zip code (30114) to get the name of your federal representative. click on your congressperson’s name to go to his or her personal webpage. bookmark the contact page.
2. go to the senate page ( )and use the drop-down menu to find your senators. go to both of their web pages, review them, and bookmark the contact page. you may use georgia or your home state, if you are out of state.
3. go to thomas ( ), the library of congress search engine for legislation.
4. use the thomas search feature to look for legislation that interests you. you can search by general terms such as abortion, gun control, military, or taxes, among others.
5. study a piece of pending legislation on your topic. bills that begin with the letter “h” are in the house of representatives, whereas bills that begin with the letter “s” are in the senate. choose one piece of legislation from the senate and one piece from the house.
6. return to your representative’s web page and use the contact feature to write a message to your representative regarding the piece of house legislation. you may express your opinion, ask questions, or share other information you find important on this topic. do the same for your senators regarding your chosen piece of senate legislation.
7. copy each email on a different page of a microsoft word document and submit that 2-page (1 page per letter) word document for this task.
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