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view the crucible (available for rent on you may read the play (go to "start here" and the "course resources" to see the webliography page for links where you may be able to access the play)--and discuss the theme of persecution. think about why people tend to accuse those who are different and why it often goes unchallenged. for more information about mccarthy and mccarthyism, view this link: your essay should include the following:

1. how the theme of persecution is represented in the film (or play) itself, and
2. how the ideas of this film apply to contemporary society.

you may wish to include a discussion of mccarthyism and how miller reflects mccarthyism in the crucible.

include evidence from the film (or play) to support your ideas. make sure to correctly quote and cite the film and any researched material using apa format.

must be a minimum 750 words
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