an analysis of a military organization through the theories and concepts of human relations.

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in chapter 1 of reece, b l text effective human relations; interpersonal and organizational applications
(12th ed), beginning on page 9, the author outlines the “major forces influencing
worker behavior.” among the forces included are organizational culture, supervisory-management
influence, work group influence, job influence, personal characteristics, and family influence. you are
asked to: a) concepts defined—first, drawing from the text, briefly define each of the ‘forces’ identified
in the schema on page 9, figure 1.2, and described in chapter 1 (do not use dictionary definitions); b)
analysis: apply each of the forces of the schema to a military work setting, how are each of these ‘forces’
represented in your military work setting? c) observations and conclusions— note where the strengths and
weaknesses lie in your organization with regard to the ‘forces.’. the intent is to have you analyze your
organization and consider how each of the ‘forces’ appear and affect the work setting.
students are asked to submit a 4-5 page (1000-1200 words, double-spaced) paper following the guidelines
detailed above. figure 1.2 is attached.
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