an account class was specified in exercise 8.7. design a

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an account class was specified in exercise 8.7. design a new account class as follows:■ add a new data field name of the string type to store the name of the customer.■ add a new constructor that constructs an account with the specified name, id, and balance.■ add a new data field named transactions whose type is arraylist that stores the transaction for the accounts. each transaction is an instance of the transaction class. the transaction class is defined as shown in figure 11.7.■ modify the withdraw and deposit methods to add a transaction to the transactions array list.■ all other properties and methods are same as in exercise 8.7.write a test program that creates an account with annual interest rate 1.5%, balance 1000, id 1122, and name george. deposit $30, $40, $50 to the account and withdraw $5, $4, $2 from the account. print an account summary that shows account holder name, interest rate, balance, and all transactions.the get and set methods for these data fields are provided in the class but omitted in the uml diagram for brevity.the date of this transaction.the type of the transaction, such as 'w' for withdrawal, 'd' for deposit.the amount of the transaction.the new balance after this transaction.the description of this transaction.construct a transaction with the specified date, type, balance, and description.transaction-date: char-amount: double-balance: double-description: string+transaction(type: char,amount: double, balance:double, description: string)
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