analyse retail petrol prices in western australia and developing a models

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its a project on statistics. one pro in mathematics can complete this very easily i suppose.
the detail about project is:
in australia, as in many parts of the world, retail fuel prices are a hot topic for the public, and
consequently, the media. fuel retailers in australia are often accused of profiteering
because of the increasing dominance of a small number of large retailers nationwide.
using publicly available data, your task is to:
1. analyze retail petrol prices in western australia and develop models to help
understand and predict the retail petrol price of unleaded petrol (ulp) in the western
australia metropolitan area.
2. investigate regional differences in western australia retail petrol prices, including any
differentials around the different grades of retail fuel, specifically ulp, pulp and
hints and tips:
when preparing your final report, you should:
- provide a detailed description of your data collection, e.g. why you selected particular
- include clear definitions of the variables you use/discuss;
- provide definitions of any proxy variables you may use and include a discussion of
why they may be suitable proxies and any limitations introduced by using them as
- describe the process of developing your models, for example, which variables you
tested and dismissed and why they were eventually omitted or replaced;
- discuss the limitations of your model.
- explain why specific tests were selected for assessing any hypotheses on regional
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