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write an analytical essay identifying an example of a firm from each market structure (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly). explain how the firms exemplified match the criteria of each market structure (numbers of competitors, numbers of customers, nature of the product (homogeneous, differentiated, or unique), barriers to entry (natural—economies of scale, or regulatory), price elasticity of demand and market power, and the possibility of long run profits.
write your essay to the best of your ability with support from information currently in the news. find four to six (4-6) articles about it from either newspapers or news (including business) magazines, credible blogs, research institute reports, government reports, or peer-reviewed articles. you may substitute appropriate websites—but you want to be very careful of bias and reliability of information.
write a short analytical essay (maximum 5 pages of text—title page, references, and exhibits can be extra pages) outlining the topic or issue and demonstrating your mastery of the course material by your explanation of the topic or issue.
write about the topic or issue explaining the key concepts and terminology of macroeconomics within your paper. you should rely heavily on textbook definitions, explanations, and analyses, but you should apply this textbook material to current events—not just reiterate textbook material. you should use graphical or tabular displays of data and always with commentary.
your paper should be a maximum of five pages of textual commentary; it should have an introduction (containing a thesis), a coherently organized body, and conclusion. exhibits like figures (such as charts or graphs) or analytical data tables do not count toward the four pages of the maximum; the four pages maximum should be exclusively text. it should be well-written and well-organized. you must correctly cite your sources using apa formatting or some other appropriate standard.
you must have the textbook and a minimum of three (4) additional sources (excluding websites providing statistical data). data and charts for these indicators and the indicators they predict can be found at,,,,, ,
and many other websites.
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market structure analytical essay
a partial list of worthwhile periodicals or websites to use follow:
 the economist
 wall street journal
 fortune magazine
 forbes magazine
 the financial times
 business week
 los angeles times business section
 orange county register business section
 los angeles times editorial section
 orange county register editorial section
 (look under news/economy)
 or...identify a macroeconomic concept and "google" it.
please feel free to contact me by email or phone to resolve any continuing concerns.
i hope this helps!
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