analyze eli lilly’s project resilience case study

Project Description:

analyze the attached case study and answer the questions listed below. you do not need to read the entire case study. just get an understanding of the main aspects of the study.

use my standard case study approach of:

1. what is the pre-history of the study, find out what you can from the case study and go on line and look up more of the history as well as find out where they are now in relationship with the study.(if you need)
2. what is the problem? is it real or not? is it made up/imagined?
3. what is the current situation at the time of this case study, why do it? who is involved?
4. what are the challenges involved?
5. what actions did they take?
6. what were the results of those actions, and
7. post history; where are they now in relation to these actions and results? and did those actions and results work?

i am looking for around four pages of well thought out answers to the above questions. single spaced pages. font size is at 10 points. the first attachment (07-041) will cover the first four questions. the second (07-043) will cover questions 5-7.
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