analyze monthly sales data

Project Description:

work with grouped worksheets and consolidate worksheet data
1. open file
2. group the three salesperson worksheets and enter salesperson in cell a3
3. continue entering type in cell b3, length in cell e3, and price in cell e3
4. ungroup the worksheets
5. use the consolidate command to combine the sales by type from the individual salesperson worksheets on the summary-event type worksheet.($ different event type,along with the total prices for each, should display)
6. sort the investment based on total sales.
work with data validation and circle invalid data
7. set a data entry restriction for the range e4:e14 on each of the three salesperson's worksheets thatindicates that the price cannot be lower than $10,000
8. ensure that the restriction was properly applied by attempting to enter 8,700 in cell e7 of robert sales worksheet
9.dislay validation circles within the david sales worksheet
10. clear validation circles
remove duplicate records
11. use the remove duplciates command to remove the duplicate event listed on the gwen wenski worksheet
trace formulas and audit formula errors
12. display the robert sales worksheet, trace precedents for the formula in cell e15, and determine whether the formula includes the appropriate cell range
13. use the error checking menu on cell e15 to review possible causes for the alert. deterrmine whether the formula for video total is correct. choose an appropriate command to remove the alert icon and to take any necessary actions.
14. display the summary - salesperson worksheet, and use the error checking dialog box to find and repair formulas containing errors. each linking formula should point to the grand sales in a salesperson's worksheet
use data tables
15. enter titles rate, periods, pymt. in cell e4:e6 on the summary - salesperson worksheet
16. enter formula in cell f6 to display the loan amount (which will equal the net income)
17. enter interest rates from 6%, 6.5%, etc., through 8.5 % in range h3:m3
18. enter number of months for loan periods of 180,240,300 and 360 in the range g4:g7
19. use pmt function to create a formula in the appropriate cell
20. issue the data table command
21. format the values in the data table as comma style with two decimal places, and format the formula in cell g3 with white font color
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