analyzing your strengths and weaknesses for qualities of a strong employee

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click here to read the supplemental reading article "new skills for a new work reality." after reading the article, do some brainstorming and list some of your strengths and weaknesses as an employee or as a student if you have not ever been employed. consider time management, organization, punctuality, workplace relationships, conflict-resolution skills, attention to detail, and similar aspects of professional life.
once you've evaluated your strengths and weaknesses, write a paper of at least 250 words that meets the following requirements:
lists at least two personal strengths and two personal weaknesses you have as an employee or as a student if you have not been employed.
discusses how you will work to improve your weaknesses and increase your strengths to help you qualify for the kind of job you desire.
uses specific examples and explanations to help illustrate your points.
includes an apa title page.
cites any quotes from the text or the article using apa citation and an apa reference page
has been spell checked.
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