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Project Description:

based on all the sources linked for this week, and the context you've learned in the documentary and textbook chapter, imagine: what would a day in the life of an ancient roman look like?

think about how you might answer two of these questions (or a similar question) if you were an ancient roman:
what would you have eaten?
what would you have done for fun?
what kind of house would you have lived in?
what would you do if you got sick?
what kind of clothes and hairstyle would you have worn?
or--make up your own question about day-to-day social life in rome. sex, marriage, exercise, technology, work--all these are good choices, just make sure you can answer your question with the primary sources we have!

whatever question you pick, consider class and social rank and gender: do you think your answers reflect the life of a senator, a soldier, or a slave? what about the wives of soldiers, senators, and slaves? whatever question you pick, ground your answers in the primary sources, chapter, etc. for this week.

how do you think life in the ancient city of rome compares to life in modern cities? would you have liked to have lived in rome? why or why not?

please use this links:

and the attached files to help you solve this question.

this task is for a female only unless you can write from a female perspective!! thx
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