annotated bibliography

Project Description:

task #3: rd: annotated bibliography

task overview

using a specific research question, and based on your knowledge of discourse communities after reading the swales article “the concept of discourse community,” and our class discussions, you will produce a formal annotated bibliography. you will have the opportunity to engage in processes for reading, writing, and research, as well as understand writing as a social process.

rhetorical situation

in an annotated bibliography, you will use texts from the discourse community associated with your research question to gather evidence that will lead to a better understanding of that research question. the audience you should consider is members of the discourse community you’ve identified through class discussions, etc.

task details

using your research question as your guide, you will gather at least five (5) relevant, credible, and verifiable sources that examine, or provide evidence for, your research question in ways that are relevant to your discourse community. after reading and analyzing each source, you will compose an annotated bibliography that identifies, summarizes, analyzes, and evaluates each source.

each source will require three items:

1) an apa or mla-formatted citation listing, as if you were looking at a reference list

2) one paragraph in which you perform a rhetorical analysis of the source looking at purpose, tone/voice, genre, context, and audience (at least 150 words)

3) one paragraph in which you evaluate how the source adds to your understanding of your research question or supports your argument regarding that research question (at least 150 words)

other requirements

you should follow apa or mla formatting guidelines for your citation listings. i expect your annotated bibliography to be at least six (6) pages long. you do need a title page if you're using apa format, but you are not required to have an abstract.
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