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i have to articles that need to be used to answer 3 questions.


strebel, paul (1996). why do employees resist change? harvard business review, 74(3), 86-92.
ford, jeffrey d., ford, laurie w. (1987). decoding resistance to change. harvard business review, 87(4), 99-103.
lawrence, paul r. (1969). how to deal with resistance to change. harvard business review, 47(1), 4-16.

[good insights] change is good ... you go first
[short, quirky] change management explained visually

after reading/watching the previous sources, answer the following 3 questions. the submission should be a 1-2 page word document.

1. what are the major sources of resistance to change for individuals and for organizations? briefly explain.
2. how does resistance complicate a change process?
3. how can leaders address individual and organizational resistance to change?
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