answer first 2 office depot questions

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office depot

office depot, inc., (nyse ticker: odp) incorporated in 1986, is a global supplier of office products and services that operates directly in 41 countries and through alliances in 19 additional countries. use the attached excerpts from its financial statements to answer the following questions:

1. calculate office depot’s leverage ratio (total assets/shareholders’ equity) as of the end of fiscal year 2012 using its as-reported balance sheet figures. don’t bother using averages.

2. notionally capitalize office depot’s operating leases (i.e., restate office depot’s balance sheet as if its operating leases were treated as capital leases as of the most recent balance sheet date). you may assume a discount rate of 5% and ignore sublease income. how much debt does this add to office depot’s balance sheet?

answer first 2 office depot questions.

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