answer project question 5.59 if you have not already done

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answer project question 5.59 if you have not already done so. design a database for your model. your design should include a specification of tables and attributes as well as primary, candidate, and foreign keys. also specify how you will enforce minimum cardinality. document your minimum cardinality enforcement using referential integrity actions for required parents, if any, and the form in figure6-28(b) for required children, if question 5.59, consider the traffic citation shown in figure 5-54. the rounded corners on this form provide graphical hints about the boundaries of the entities represented.a. create a data model with five entities. use the data items on the form to specify identifiers and attributes for those entities.b. specify relationships among the entities. name the relationship and give its type and cardinalities. indicate which cardinalities can be inferred from data on the form and which need to be checked out with systems users.
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