answering 3 questions for each games angry birds and monument valley video games-psychology class

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i need you to answer these questions for each game angry birds and monument valle

-1) what is the name of the game? what age range does it focus on? what is the goal of the game? if it is an educational game or a social impact game, what is the game teaching/trying to impact? if it is a casual game, what is the mission of the game? please include a short description of the game. (50 words)

-2) describe, in detail, three psychological principles that we discussed in class (or in your text) that are in the game and how each influences gameplay/player experience. (300 words)

3) if the game is rated "e" for everyone, is the game appropriate given what you know about child/adolescent development? if the game is not suitable for younger audiences, why not? give two examples of how the game is or isn’t incorporating child/adolescent development concepts into the game. (for instance, does the game involve abstract thinking yet is rated "e"? where in the game might a young child that is a concrete thinker have problems playing the game?) (100 words)
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