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the "practice" section in the beginning of elements of argument, warrants chapter provides us with an interesting scenario that can help us all understand the often complex relationships between claims and support (i.e., the warrant). choose 7 of the individuals to "save", and explain why you chose to "save" them. likewise, list the 4 individuals you would "not save" and explain why. list each of the 11 individuals using the following format: name, save or not save, and a thorough explanation of your choice. note that in the context of this exercise, your claim can be as simple as a statement about who you are saving or not saving. your support is your explanation of why you are saving or not saving this individual. the warrant is the underlying assumption that shows the logic (or lack thereof) behind your claim and support.
for this particular exercise, you need to keep in mind that your answers and reasons should be unique--meaning, i do not want to see recycled answers that have been given already by your peers.

of course, there is bound to be some overlap in choices made, but you should do your best to provide authentic reasons for your choices.

answers that appear to copied directly (word-for-word) will not be counted.

try to be creative when coming up with your reasons here!

you may email me if you have specific questions; however, i think my point is obvious.
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this is example of one of the classmates) post by braxton butler
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re: analyzing warrants discussion forum
dr. d- claim: save
support: he has a phd in history , good health, and is a college professor. these are aspects that can help all of the survivors. at the same time he could educate the ones that aren't educated.
warrant: dr. d has the physical ability to survive with him jogging every morning he is healthy. like mentioned before he is also educated and could help others like mrs g to get better education and health.
mrs. d- claim: not save
support: she is obese and a diabetic. so she does not have the physical ability to survive.
warrant: with mrs. d being a diabetic and obese she would not be as healthy as everyone else. also her sickness can cause death if its not maintained.
bobby d.- claim: not save
support: bobby is a troubled child and has a very low iq score. although he is healthy and strong i wouldn't save him.
warrant: i don't think bobby would do could and could possibly try and bring down other survivors.
mrs.g- claim: save
support: although she may have a ninth grade education, had a kid at a young age, and have been a prostitute while working as a waitress everyone deserves a second chance.
warrant: mrs. g is only 23 so she is young and with the people that is going to be around her she could change her ways. also being a mother so young she had to do what she had to in order to have the funds to raise her child. i wouldn't not let her survive and let her child survive. every new born needs their parent or parents.
joseph g.- claim: save
support: joseph is only 3 months, but he is a healthy baby. with all the older adults they could raise him to be like them.
warrant: joseph would survive in the group from being healthy as a baby, meaning he will have minimum health problems.
mary e.- claim: save
support: shes young, has a education in trade school so she would know how to do something, and is very artistic. she could help design certain things with her being artistic.
warrant: mary e. is young a has no spouse, meaning she could mate with someone like mr.b and help grow the surviving group with healthy strong babies.
mr.n.- claim: save
support: mr. n is in medical school and could help anyone if they were to get sick. also is a very buff guy so he has the physical ability to survive. last he has music as a hobby.
warrant: mr. n could contribute to the group to the group with his knowledge in medicine. so that is something i want want in my survival group. he is also 25 so he is young and healthy. with music being a hobby he could keep the remaining survivors entertained.
mrs.c.- claim: not save
support: mrs. c is a college graduate and a electronics engineer, but is apart of the zero population growth group. meaning she would want to limit births and population to a minimum.
warrant: mrs. c is educated and knows how to work with electronics, but i wouldn't save anyone who wants to control and limit births and population. she would be a treat to our survival group. with us wanting to expand and not stay limited.
mr.b- claim: save
support: mr. b is educated and has experience in construction, mechanics, and being outdoors. he could build new homes and hunt for food in order to help the remaining survivors live.
warrant: although
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