anxiety essay

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create a story about a fictional character with one of the anxiety disorders. be sure to clearly identify which disorder you have chosen and provide enough detail in your story so that i can tell that you understand the major symptoms and factors involved in this disorder. at the end of your story include some information about how this disorder might be helped.

please be aware that there are several different anxiety disorders and choose the one that is the most interesting to you. please try and make your story creative while at the same time remember it is an academic task and must provide the relevant information in a well written essay. be careful not to plagiarize any of this and be sure to reference information from your ocr e-textbook.

you will be graded on your ability to demonstrate that you understand the disorder you chose and on your presentation (spelling, grammar, & focus) with extra points for creativity. your essay should be 350-400 words, please do not exceed 400 words and provide a word count at the end of your essay. this must be done in microsoft word only. and it must be submitted under the task link above. do not submit through email if you have any difficulty with this contact the helpdesk for assistance.

due 11/21/15
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