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write a set of instructions for one of the following (visuals must be included). identify the audience at the beginning of the document and then align your text/visuals to that audience: • how to download a popular app and install it successfully • how to set up a wireless home network • making a paper airplane • removing a faulty light switch and installing a new one • installing a new door handle on an interior room door • making the perfect ham and cheese omelet.

remember; choose only one of the above! length: there is no page limit; the complexity of the tasks will dictate the length of the document; i will be assessing how complete, succinct, clear and achievable the instructional writing is. reading: use at least two techniques to organize or display your content as described in the ch. 18 reading, "technical instructions". format: use block style, ordered lists, illustrations or images, headings and a good use of margins (white space) to visually organize your text. the size, shape and style of your document is up to you. apa is not required; this is a custom, commercial type document. visuals are required chapter content examples out of chapter 18 areattach as attachment
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