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please write a 2.5-3 pages reaction paper to the article (double spaced, 12pt font, 1” margins). this reaction paper should include a one page summary of the article, including the thesis statement and evidence the author uses to support that thesis. following that you’ll need to write an additional page with your reaction to the article. there are a lot of ways to tackle a reaction paper. start by asking yourself if you feel that the author’s conclusions are sound. why or why not? did the author miss anything that would have made their argument stronger? do you have some personal experience regarding the topic which might support or reject their hypothesis?
do not include a copy of the article but do cite it. use the society for american archaeology style guide (google it) to see how to properly cite a journal article. citations are important in academia (and in general), so don’t leave this out.

 the article must be from a peer-reviewed journal. i will not accept articles from newspapers or from popular magazines (such as archaeology magazine, smithsonian, etc.). it can be tough to tell if a journal is peer reviewed but google searches can help you here. as a general rule of thumb, journals that are titled “journal of…” are usually peer reviewed. if you turn in an article from a journal that is not peer reviewed you will receive a 0 for the task.
 stay away from what are called “site reports” that detail the minutia of work at a particular archaeological site. they rarely have a discernible thesis statement.
 remember, i don’t need you to turn in a copy of the article but you need to cite it using the saa style guide. you will receive 1 point off for an improperly cited article and 2 points off if you don’t include the citation.
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