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hi, i noticed that you were hired to do a very similar project that i am required to do for my course. i was wondering if you can help me since you already have experience with this project. i obviously can't use the exact same one your other client had but something with the same concept but not plagiarizing. can you help me? the guidelines are below:

for milestone one, you will submit a written report in which you analyze the communication environment that exists within boldflash and discuss the particular areas of concern.
specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
 background and area of focus: analyze the communication environment that exists within boldflash, and discuss the particular areas of concern.
 define the area that you feel should be your focus to start. specifically, describe which area (internal business processes, product documentation, or
technical service communication) you feel is the most important to fix first, and describe why. provide your reasoning.
 key stakeholders: discuss your framework for planning and communicating with the stakeholders in your chosen area. determine who the stakeholders
are, why they are stakeholders in your chosen area, and how your communications will affect them.
 established practices: identify established communication practices that would benefit your approach to communicating with the stakeholders that you
have identified. provide evidence to support your conclusions.
 framework for communication: construct a framework for continued communication, both technical and nontechnical, with the identified stakeholders.
this framework will be the one to which the mobile division management team will refer when tasked with special projects.
guidelines for submission: this submission should be 4–6 pages long (not including cover page and resources if applicable) and must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point times new roman font, one-inch margins, and apa-style citations.
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