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i would like to have a research at least 15 pages and form ten sources i attached 3 of them in the attachement.

please see the attachment and let me know the sourses that you used and i may give you a week to write but i need 1 body paragraph within tomoro night.
this is outline
thesis: teachers need training on technology to teach foreign language to millennial generation students in order to enhance their outcomes.
1. intro
2. abstract
3. generation
a. students
i. reading habits
ii. communication habits
4. importance of technology in foreign language learning(. evidence/findings)
1. communication
2. writing
5. most teachers need training
article name: collaboration and interaction. pdf

this is the introduction for this subject

should second language teachers use technology to teach their students? technology today has a significant role in people daily life, and students today are technology generation. teachers have to be familiar with using technology to convey the information in an effective way which is the best for this millennial generation. lai & kritsonis (2006) discusses the influences of using computer technology on second language learners, and they conclude that educators must be aware of those influences so they can gain the most efficiency and benefits from using technology with second language learners. moreover, puerto & gambo (2009) examine how second language teachers use this technology to teach the second language learners, and their needs to be aware and trained in this technology. their result shows that there is an essential need for teachers training in technology. millennial generation “are people under 26 years of age and have grown up during a period of unprecedented technological change” (fenich, scott-halsell, ogbeide, & hashimoto, 2014, p. 236-237).technology is constantly change and evolve. therefore, teachers must keep pace with technological development and change in order to gain benefit from it. teachers’ use of technology these days is not effective as it should. they keep using old technology methods which now comparing with new technology methods have a weakness. teachers need training on technology to teach foreign language to millennial generation students in order to enhance their outcomes.
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