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Project Description:

over the past few weeks, we’ve examined contract law, including related issues such as capacity, legality, performance, breach, and remedies. this week, we’ll conclude our study of these subjects by considering the case of alana aroaz, an actress residing in new york, who is filing suit against the producers of a marketing ad she played a part in.

aroaz was paid $600 for her part in the production of the advertisement. however, the advertisement attention, prompting the producers to sell the licensing rights of the advertisement—including aroaz’s image---to other law firms across the nation. aroaz claims this constitutes a breach of contract entitling her to a share of the licensing fees obtained by the producer of the ad, including punitive damages for violating the contract agreement.
what issues are at stake in this case? what facts should the court consider? in the entertainment industry, what does the term “residuals” refer to? are there any precedents (similar court cases and ruling) that could impact the ruling in this case? does aroaz have basis for compensatory and/or punitive damages based on the facts of this case? why or why not?

prepare an essay arguing your position of whether the facts in this case have a legal basis under contract law. your essay should be between 300-500 words and should be prepared using the following guidelines:

document should be double-spaced.
use times new roman, 12-point font
standard format: 1” margins.
citations should be made using apa guidelines.
make sure to use citations. thanks!
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