art research paper

Project Description:

- research information regarding the painting “guernica” by pablo picasso. you will need to answer the following specific questions regarding the background and meaning of the painting. in addition, you will need to write your own reaction / opinion of the painting.

1. why was the painting commissioned? where was it commissioned to be shown?
2. the painting is an example of cubism. where did this art form come from? what are its primary characteristics?
3. what is the tragedy that the painting depicts? what happened? where, when and why? (make sure you fully answer each aspect of this question)

1. why do you think picasso chose to show this painting where he did? what message do you think he was trying convey to the world?
2. if you haven’t already, take a good look at an image of the painting online. what is your opinion on the color (or lack thereof) of the painting?
3. upon looking at the painting, what is the immediate reaction or feeling that it evokes for you?
4. art & politics: what do you think are some advantages of choosing art as a way to express feelings about politics? what could be some disadvantages?
5. any other reactions or opinions?
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