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an artist statement is generally 100-250 words, which provides readers with the overarching themes in an artist’s body of work. it is not a thesis, nor is it a set of instructions. it discusses the artist’s approach, beliefs, and personal narrative.

1. write in the first person (use i).
2. express your interests in the concepts, styles, and techniques of the three artworks that you are responding to, and be specific.
3. include any other influences that inspired you to make the work such as music and literature references.
4. discuss how the final project relates to your own aesthetic sensibility, and try to define what that is.
5. talk about the narrative elements in your work, and state these interests clearly and concisely.
6. describe how the symbols and forms in your work can be interpreted and understood.
7. express how you would like others to experience your work.
the three artist are pablo picasso takashi murasaki and matisse.
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