article abstract (training and development)

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business administration graduate needs assistance with completing task.
paper: article abstract
due by: october 1, 2015

an article abstract is due as part of the class requirements. students should pick two articles written by
different authors that address one training topic (for example, needs analysis, evaluation, adult
learning etc.) both articles should address the same topic. students can select the topic. any
topic found in the subject index of the text (raymond a. noe, 2013, p. 510) is permissible.

the purpose of the article abstract is to increase awareness of current trends in training and
development and relate those trends to theories discussed in the texts.
the abstract should provide a brief overview/summary of the two articles contents, distinguishing the
main issues, accurately identifying the impact of each issue on today’s organizations and tying and
discussing relevant information to issues found within the text.
students may find it useful to adopt the following headings:
articles summary
the main issues
implied/factual organizational impact of each main issue
text comparison/contrast (i.e. how do the articles agree/disagree with the noe text)
lessons learned: what you learned from this exercise.
the abstract should be written using the apa format, including cover page, citations, references page,
etc. detailed paper specifications: student papers will be constructed to the following specifications and
turned in per the schedule: double spaced, one inch margins four sides, font size 12 times new roman
references as intext citations and listed in reference list at end of paper
abstract paper size (6 + 1 pages)
paper writing specifications: technical correctness of your writing is important.
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