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article summary (2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12 font, need to include a works cited page—you will cite the article and the story, poem, or play if you quote from that too)

the purpose of this task is to make you more aware of the depth of material out there about literature. i want you to choose one of the posted academic articles about one of the stories, poems, dramas, or writers we have (or will) read this semester. i have not located articles for everything we’ve read, but i do have articles for the longer works (plays and stories—and some of the better known poems).
the task itself has two parts (but submit as all one document):
1. first, you need to write a summary of the article you have read. be sure to use quotation marks whenever you use the author’s words directly. you will need a works cited page as well, but as the entire first part is a summary, you do not need to document every paragraph.

2. the second part is your evaluative response. share what you think about the article. is it convincing? what does it make you think about? is it useful? would you recommend others read this? this section (which will probably be shorter than the summary) should simply share your thoughts about the article you read.
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