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discussion title: viral marketing characteristics and content

identify and describe an example of viral marketing through social media? what typical characteristics can you ascribe to this initiative? can you identify whether the viral marketing content supports a business objective for the company? (for example, does it increase brand awareness?) why or why not? in addressing your classmates postings, discuss in what way the viral content does or does not support a business objective. if not, what purpose do you think it serves?

discussion title: crisis response tactics and tools

crisis response and preparation has changed from a traditional marketing perspective to the two-way communication required in social media marketing. often, additional strategic and tactical considerations are needed. provide an example of a tool or tactic that may have used in traditional marketing and why this may not be as effective for a social media crisis solution. in responding to your classmates postings, offer an alternative tool or tactic that would align with a social media crisis solution and why it could be considered effective.

discussion title: reviewing and reassessing

as in any business strategy, a company’s social media strategy must continually look at what worked, what failed, and what changes should be made. what process might you enhance or implement within your organization for evaluating your social media efforts? in responding to your classmates postings, what recommendations could you make specific to this strategy to assess what worked and must should be changed?
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