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what are disruptive and sustaining technologies and what impact do they have on business decisions? explain your answer using examples.
what type of technologies are the internet and the www and in what ways did they change communication and collaboration for businesses in the information age?
what are collaboration, collective intelligence and croudsourcing, and in what ways would they affect a company moving to an open system?
describe the benefits, business tools and challenges associated with using web 2.0.
foursquare, a social networking geotagging game, just partnered with wall street journal by making the famous publication a geolocation. read kit eaton’s article (below) and explain how “old media meets new web media” in this partnership and the appeal of using this type of ebusiness. in your discussion, address the associated advantages and disadvantages for wall street and other geolocation businesses as a result of their partnership and define the type of ebusiness model that is being used http://www.fastcompany.com/1627992/foursquare-partners-wall-st-journal-geotagging-location-based-services-game-social-networkin?partner=rss
discuss the needs that lead to the evolution of web 1.0 into web 2.0 and the advantages gained by businesses as a result. use examples from the text and 2 outside resources. lastly, discuss the challenges with web 2.0 and describe the face the next generation of online business.
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